Club Piou Piou - Kindergarden : I'm from 3 to 5  years old. I'll discover the glide while having fun in protect area to prepare the Piou Piou, the Ourson or the Flocon's test
Débutant - Ourson (beginner-Ourson) : J'ai de 6 à 13 ans. Je n'ai jamais skié. Je me prépare à passer l'Ourson ou le flocon.
Flocon (snow flake) : I have got the Ourson's test and I'm able to do snowplough and take gentle ski lift. 
1ère Etoile (1st star):  I have got my Flocon's test ; I want to learn slide-slipping turns on gentle and medium slopes. 
2ème Etoile (2d star): I have got my 1st Star ; I want to learn how to turn with parallels skis on medium slopes.

3ème Etoile (3rd star) :  Those who have the second star and can do parallel turns and slide slip.
Etoile de Bronze (bronze star) : I have got my third star and i can do parallel turns.
Etoile d’Or (gold star) : I have got the bronze star and i can ski in all slopes in short radius turns.
Stages Glisse évasion et Glisse compétition : I have got my gold star... I wish to improve on all different types of slopes and do slalom.