Starter Class Has no experience of snowboarding
1st snowboard Has completed the snowboarding starter level. Is starting to be able to change direction. Can move along by sideslipping.
Can get up off the ground.
2nd snowboard Holds the 1er snowboard.
Can complete a series of frontside and backside turns on a green piste.
Can stop by sideslipping.
Can sideslip diagonally forwards then backwards and use a ski tow.
3rd snowboard Holds the 2ème snowboard.
Can snowboard on blue and red pistes and also in the snowpark.
Can easily complete a series of turns on blue pistes with little sideslipping.
Is starting to be able to complete fakie turns on green pistes.
  Can do ollies and also sliding and jumping 180° rotations.
Snowboard expert You would like to keep up a good rhythm on all types of snow and terrain and do different tricks in the snowpark; you would like to do freeride.